BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The  Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee Proudly Announces Candidates Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto for Berkeley Heights Township Council

From President to local officials, many elected offices will be on the ballot of the June 7, 2016 Republican Primary. It's an exciting time to be a registered voter at the national and local levels. The Berkeley Heights Republican Municipal Committee is pleased to announce its candidates for Township  Council, Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto.

Chairwoman Heidi Cohen made the announcement saying, "We are proud to announce these two outstanding candidates. Peter and Manuel have the energy, commitment, and expertise to make a lasting impact on our community.  At a time when leadership is so important, we are thrilled to have these two individuals help shape the future of Berkeley Heights."

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Peter Bavoso is a senior communications executive with vast experience in solution based thinking, business development, marketing, and account management.  His ability to manage critical relationships and clarify messages is based on a keen ability to listen, suggest possibilities and recommend action, thus enabling him to provide strategic solutions.  When first moving to Berkeley Heights five years ago with his wife Janine and two children, Bavoso recalled thinking, "Something special here. This is a great place for our family."  He soon put his strong communication skills to use when a large facility to be built in a neighboring community would result in a negative impact on the town he newly called home.  Joining a group of concerned citizens, Bavoso helped shape the message regarding the group’s research efforts  on the potentially dangerous impact of the facility on traffic patterns, safety of pedestrians, and the ultimate change of an entire neighborhood.  Based on their research along with the development of a resonating message to residents and township leaders,  the building of the facility was rejected and ultimately moved to another location. Commented Bavoso, "Sometimes you just need to jump in, do your best to get the message out and make things right.  Now at a time with so much happening in town, I feel that I have an opportunity to once again get involved, give back and help Berkeley Heights go forward."  

Manuel Couto, his wife Maria Lourdes, and their three children have called Berkeley Heights home for eighteen years.  A successful realtor with over thirty years experience with market evaluations and sales, Couto has special expertise in housing trends and demographics.  He has a unique understanding of the impact of such trends on a community.  "How such trends can affect a town, property values, schools, local businesses and corporate neighbors are all important," said Couto.  Having served on the Republican Municipal Committee, Couto welcomed the opportunity to serve on the Berkeley Heights Township Council going forward.  He believes a strong future is based on understanding the past, recognizing external and internal conditions, and maximizing research and knowledge to make good decisions. He welcomes the opportunity to share his skills and expertise on the Township Council.  "With Berkeley Heights in the midst of such critical decisions regarding redevelopment and questions regarding the impact and ramifications of the Supreme Court’s recent affordable housing decision, his experience will be an asset to the Town Council," remarked Chairwoman Cohen.  

Bavoso and Couto recognize how essential it is for all residents to feel connected to their community and to feel that their thoughts and suggestions are received with an open mind and respect.  They are passionate in their belief that Berkeley Heights retains its hometown feeling and continues to move forward as a thriving, vibrant community that attracts businesses and corporations, maintains affordability for its residents, and ensures that its downtown, roadways, sidewalks, municipal facilities and parks are both attractive and safe.  Opportunities to to get to know the candidates will be held in advance of the June Primary.  

So that your voice and vote can support Bavoso and Couto, the Republican Municipal  Committee offers the following important dates and information regarding the Republican Primary. Please note the following:

New Jersey's Republican primary election will be held on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.  Polls are open from  6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and voters go to their regular polling location.

There is a 21-day voter registration deadline in New Jersey for all elections. For the June 7, 2016Primary, that deadline is Tuesday, May 17. Voter registration applications are available at the Berkeley Heights municipal clerks' office or can be downloaded online at the Union County Clerk website:

If you have recently moved be sure to check your voter registration status!

Primary elections held in New Jersey each June are the only elections where party affiliation affects the candidates for whom you can vote. Only the state's Republican Party and the Democratic Party have primary elections. New Jersey has "closed" primaries. This means that only Republican voters can nominate Republican candidates, and only Democratic voters can nominate Democratic candidates. Voters registered by affiliation with any of the other political groups recognized by the State of New Jersey cannot vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary.  If you wish to change party affiliation, there is a 55-day deadline to change your party affiliation before the Primary Election. For the 2016 Primary Election this deadline is Wednesday, April 13.  The Affiliation change form can be downloaded at     

Any voter who changes party affiliation after the April 13 deadline is disqualified from voting in the June 7 Primary Election.

Voters wishing to participate in the New Jersey Republican Primary who are unaffiliated with any political party or group can declare affiliation as a Republican up to and including June 7.  Unlike some other states, New Jersey does not recognize the title "Independent" as a political group. For the purpose of voting in the June 7 primary, only declared Republicans may vote in the Republican Primary.

Remember: Unaffiliated voters can declare Republican affiliation at any time in advance of Primary Election Day and may also declare affiliation on June 7 Primary Election Day at their polling location.

Please join us in voting for Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto on June 7, 2016.  Thank you for your support!