BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Republican Municipal Committee reminds voters that Primary elections held in New Jersey each June are the only elections where party affiliation affects the candidates for whom you can vote. Only the state's Republican Party and the Democratic Party have primary elections. New Jersey has "closed" primaries. This means that only Republican voters can nominate Republican candidates, and only Democratic voters can nominate Democratic candidates. Voters registered by affiliation with any of the other political groups recognized by the State of New Jersey cannot vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary.  If you are currently an affiliated voter and wish to change party affiliation, there is a 55-day deadline to change your party affiliation before the Primary Election. For the 2016 Primary Election this deadline is Wednesday, April 13.  The Affiliation change form can be downloaded at
Forms may be submitted to the Berkeley Heights Municipal Clerk.  The Republican Municipal Committee recently announced Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto as its candidates for Berkeley Heights Township Council.  “We encourage all voters to check their current party affiliation status so that they can actively participate in supporting these two great candidates in the June 7 Primary,” said Chairwoman Heidi Cohen. She reminds the public of this important deadline regarding party affiliation and the following information:  Voters who are currently affiliated with a political party and who change party affiliation after the April 13 deadline will not be able to vote in the June 7 Primary Election, commenting, “Please be sure to have your voice and vote heard in this very important Primary election by checking your voter status.”
Those who currently are unaffiliated with any political party (often called “Independent”) and who wish to participate in the New Jersey Republican Primary can declare affiliation as a Republican up to and including June 7.  Therefore, for the purpose of voting in the June 7 Republican primary, only Republicans may vote in the Republican Primary, meaning party affiliation must be declared. Remember: Unaffiliated voters can declare Republican affiliation at any time in advance of Primary Election Day and may also declare affiliation on June 7 Primary Election Day at their polling location.  Please join us in voting for Peter Bavoso and Manuel Couto on June 7, 2016.  Thank you for your support!