Voting NO on May 7 is very important for the taxpayers of Berkeley Heights.  We are being asked to vote on a referendum which, if passed, will amend the existing Sewer Processing Contract to include a 51,000 sq. ft. commercial establishment, to be built in Warren, allowing it to tie into the Berkeley Heights sewer system. We’re referring to the proposed Berkeley Aquatic Club in Warren.  Berkeley Heights and Warren already have an agreement under which Berkeley Heights will allow limited residential properties, but not commercial sewer hookups.

The Berkeley Heights Town Council has listened to the pros and cons of this sewer connection request, and has voted against it, not once, but twice.  The May 7 vote should not be viewed as a referendum on the popularity of the Berkeley Aquatic Club.  The question before us is whether the long-standing sewer agreement between our two towns should be modified in order to accommodate a commercial establishment.  The sewer fees that BAC would pay to Berkeley Heights would be minimal, and should not be a reason to allow the sewer hookup.  It’s important, therefore, to vote “No” on May 7.

This special election is being paid with our tax money.  BAC of Warren will not reimburse Berkeley Heights for the election, for added police presence for traffic and parking enforcement, and for Sewer Processing plant modifications. Only Warren taxpayers and the BAC of Warren will benefit!   Please vote NO on May 7.

Bernice & Harvey Feuer, Berkeley Heights, NJ