Everyone wants full day kindergarten, so let’s stop talking about that.

Redistricting is the issue. It always has been the issue.

William Woodruff Elementary School:

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Top 1% best teachers in the United States

Top 3% best teachers in New Jersey

Top 4% best teachers in the NYC area

Top 10% best elementary school in New Jersey

Top 8% best elementary in NYC area

#12 in Union County

Source - Niche.com

I just thought I needed to highlight that because apparently we want to get rid of an A rated full elementary school, displace 20% of our kids, spend a half million dollars on bathrooms for a few kindergarten classrooms and a largely unproven K-2/3-5 school configuration. And we want to do it in 4 months with no community input. All our other schools have high ratings, but they are not looking at being eliminated by the BOE. Yes, let’s call it what it is. Part of this solution is to change everything about Woodruff except the name.

Only 43 schools in New Jersey use the K-2/3-5 configuration. That’s less than 5% of all elementary schools in the state. What’s the rush and what’s the urgency? Are the inequities so dire that our school system is going to collapse between now and September? This pandemic is not over, and there is no guarantee that it will be over come the fall. Shifting our kids through this chaos is unhealthy. We’ve had several clinical psychologists speak out about this in the meetings and townhall.

A child entering Pre-K in this system will make a minimum of 3, possibly 4 school changes before high school. The parents of Kindergarten students may get what they want now, but this chains them to a highly problematic model.

Is this the best solution we can come up with? NO. There are a myriad of other options. There are 3 other options we are not allowed to choose. Option 3 seems to have a lot of favor from people who spoke at the meetings. But we as a community are apparently not capable or objective enough to effectively vote or even choose those on a survey ourselves.

The survey is now out. They ask for your email, child’s name, what school they are in, redistrict this year, or redistrict next year. That’s it.  This only went to Pre K thru 4th graders, the “Stakeholders”.

And NO a survey is not a vote! Everytime the BOE has been asked why redistricting is not being put to a vote, it was never clearly answered or the answer was simply that its not needed. I can’t think of anything more important to put to on a referendum or have a public vote.  Moving on… I guess.

Put all the options on the survey and re-send it to all the taxpayers.  Put this on a referendum and put it to a public vote. 

A lot of parents have received this “survey” and are finally asking what is going on. Hopefully we are waking up to the facts of the issue.  If you agree with any of this, sign the petition, email the board and your town leaders. Show up to the last town hall and speak up!