BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Julianne Simmons, branch manager at Investors Bank in Berkeley Heights, presented two $1,000 grants—one each, on behalf of the bank and the Investors Bank Foundation—to two Berkeley Heights teachers:

  • Susan Poage, a first grade teacher at Mary Kay McMillin—to be used to attend the “Literacy for All” conference in Rhode Island and upon her return, she wiIl provide information to the staff at the school via Google Drive presentations and handouts and share grade level information at district grade level meetings..
  • Sharon Leahy, a history and social studies teacher at the high school—so she can attend attend lectures, gallery tours, teaching strategies meetings, and hands-on learning experiences in order to examine visual art of the Renaissance as it found expression in the independent city states of Italy and the Low Countries from the 14th through the 16th century. Upon her return, Leahy intends to share the creation of new lessons and/or resources regarding Renaissance art. These include the social and economic history of the time and the global influences and global impact. In addition, she will look to create a workshop for multiple grades and disciplines that would focus on the use of art as a primary source. Also, Ms. Leahy would like to share models for incorporating art into interdisciplinary teaching and to strengthen students' visual literacy.