This will hopefully be the last power-related update:

First and foremost, today is Veterans Day.

Let’s take a breath to remember and say Thank You to those men and women who answered our Country’s Call to Duty and were put in Harm’s Way for our sake and returned home safely and have continued to contribute to our community. They have earned our Respect and Thanks.

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I am very happy to say that there are many crews in both the  Countryside and Emerson lane area.  I have toured today about 4 times and as early as 7 am there were crews on Hillcrest Rd in Warren repairing the down pole and wires that service the Emerson Lane area and on Middle Way in The Countryside area. It appears that with the amount of crews that have appeared that they will make the 11:59 pm deadline.  We will watch and see. I have just ended the 4 pm Conference call with JCP&L.  They are so confident that Don Lynch, the President, said it was their last. Nothing would make me happier if it is true.

If after today  you are still out of power I ask you to do 2 things 1) Call it in to JCP&L  and 2) email me with your address and I will get it to Mr. Lynch

The number for the public to report outages:  JCP&L Outages 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877)

Remember we will be here until everyone has power restored

Here is some news that should be mentioned.

From: Assemblyman Jon Bramnick and The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders


Assemblyman Jon Bramnick and The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders will host a Hurricane Sandy Recovery Information Session for the public on Wednesday, November 14, at 7 p.m. in the Roy Smith Theater on the Cranford campus of Union County College. The College is located at 1033 Springfield Avenue in Cranford.

Experts on recovery following the Hurricane will be present. The session will include representatives from FEMA and the insurance industry. All are welcome to attend.

Residents may also visit the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center, which is already up and running at 100 South Springfield Avenue in Springfield, at the Chisholm Community Center and operating seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Two others will also open soon in Union County.

To find the one closest to you call FEMA or use the Disaster Recovery Center locator at 

The types of financial assistance offered by FEMA to eligible residents include:

•       Temporary rental help or a stipend for hotel lodging.

•       Repairs or replacement for a home or business damaged by the storm (for damage not covered by existing insurance; property owners should also contact their insurance company).

•       Help with medical, dental or funeral expenses.

•       Help with mental health counseling.

One important form of help that FEMA can offer is disaster unemployment assistance. This program is designed for persons who have lost their jobs due to the storm, but who are not eligible to receive conventional unemployment insurance payments. 

In addition, FEMA can help connect eligible residents with legal services, for example in settling landlord-tenant issues that may arise as a result of storm damage. 

A complete description of FEMA assistance programs for individuals and households is available for download at the “Help After a Disaster” page at or call 1-800-621-FEMA.



Again when the dust settles It is important to relate your ordeal to the NJ Board of Public Utilities at:


If you don’t, history has had a habit of repeating itself (3 Hundred year storms in 18 Months).

Thank You

Finally I want to thank the Members of the BH Police and Dispatch, BH Fire, BH DPW, BH Rescue Squad and our staff in the Clerk’ office and Administration as well as the many volunteers that have pitched in to help their fellow residents during this extraordinary time. Many of these Township partners left their families to help out here and as the Mayor, I am Proud of Everyone of You...So Thank You.

Special Thanks and Appreciation

I would be very remiss if I did not thank the Office of Emergency Management Team, Fire Chief and OEM Coordinator Anthony Padavano, Police Chief Michael Mathis and Police Officer and Deputy OEM Coordinator Danny Cuocci. These three individuals worked 20 Hour days if not more to make our Town safe. These were The “Voices” on the reverse 911 phone call that kept many of you informed. Without them at my side and in the field patrolling and looking for lines and wires down and crews to assist I know this event would have been a lot worse. 

At 6pm Tonight The State of Emergency for our Township will be rescinded!