On November 6th, WolfPack runners came out blazing at Deer Path Park in Flemington, New Jersey. The weather was cool and sunny with gusty winds. The Jr. Olympics USATF State Championships was set to have the best and fastest runners in the state. Ten WolfPack runners medaled, and the boys 11-12th age-group placed second as a team.

Coming out of the gates and medaling in the boys 8 and under 2000 meter event was Cameron SanAntonio placing 7th in 9:15.33 out of 31 runners, setting a new personal best by nearly 45 seconds. Teammates Tyler Weisman was 12th in 9:43.34 with a new personal best by 16 seconds followed by Steven Adams 9:49.15 in 14th.

In the girls 9-10 3000 meter, running Phenom Gwen Mersereau placed 5th out of 49 girls with a time of 13:00.80, a new personal best by 28 seconds. Hot on her heels was rookie runner, Mia Maselli, placing 15th with a time of 13:46.05. Both girls medaled by being in the top 15 in their age division. Notable mention is Amber Barbieri placing 45th in a time of 19:01.81

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In the boys 9-10 3000 meter, rising star and new to the season was Andrew Burkitt, medaling in 13th placed out of 70 in a flying time of 12:47.64, resulting in a 40 second personal best. Not far behind, with big personal best by 35 seconds were Cole Simon, placing 32nd in 13:51, followed by John Schmitz 34th in 13:55.96 (Personal best by 40 seconds), Preston Naim 36th in 13:59.3 (Personal best by 1:12), Oliver Chait 40th in 14:11.05 (Personal best by 17 seconds), and Brady Kim 15:50.94 (Personal best by 1:09).

In the girls 11-12 3000 meter, Lily Sieczka medaled, placing 14th out of 67 runners with a new personal best in 12:22.40 by 24 seconds. Coming in fast was Emma SanAntonio as she crossed the finish line in 19th place with a time of 12:30.89, a personal best by 1:03, just missing the medal round by 7.5 seconds. Notable mention is Brooke Mersereau, who was under the weather, but wanted to face the challenge placing 54th in a time of 15:10.45.

In the boys 11-12 3000 meter, with one of the largest competitive fields, newcomer Aidan Linde ran like a gazelle, enduring a fast pace all the way. He placed 7th out of 89 in a time of 11:24.50, medaling with a new personal best by 35 seconds. Teammate Chris Marinko placed 12th in a time of 11:34.36 medaling with a new personal best by 28 seconds. Following in a tight group was Patrick McGrath placing 19th in 11:44.08 with a personal best by 48 seconds, followed by Nick Yarad placing 20th in 11:50.95 with a new personal best by 31 seconds, and Jackson Levine placing 21th in 11:51.12 with a new personal best by 1:08. This group of 5 runners placed 2nd overall as a team in one of the fastest age-groups in the meet. Notable mentions are Ryan Kim, 44th in 12:49.44, personal best by 1:35, followed by Ian Black 63rd in 13:43.01, personal best by 41 seconds, Jake Barbieri 71st in 14:10.49, personal best by 1:05 and Colin Cadmus 15:07.81.

In the boys 13-14 4000 meter, rookie sensation, Roger Matthews, challenged for the win. The frontrunner running group changed leads numerous times and in the end, Roger crossed the finish line in 7th place out of 101, medaling with a time of 13:41.27, with a new personal best by 2:45. Chris Ticas placed 24th in a time of 14:34.24 and a new personal best by 1:57. Narai Riser placed 63rd in a time of 16:11.31 with a new persona best by 1:34, and Daniel Kim placed 92nd in a time of 18:57.94 and a new personal best by 4:51.

WolfPack Track Coach Steve SanAntonio said, “The team peaked at the right time and their hard work paid off when it needed to, the Championships”. “This team is loaded with many new runners, talent and handworkers, but they don’t have the time and experience other team runners have,” said coach SanAntonio. “But with the right training, they match-up very well with the State’s best competitors as shown in this meet.”

The Team now has their sights set for the USATF XC Regional Championships in Greystone Park, in Morris Plains, New Jersey on November 20th.

The WofPack Track Club sponsored by the BH PAL is a USATF certified club that serves hundreds of youth runners throughout the year. For more information you can contact the club at www.wolfpacktc.org or contact Coach Steve SanAntonio at wolfpacktrackclub@gmail.com.