To the Editor:

I want to remind the residents of Berkeley Heights to write-in Bill Cassano for one of the open Board of Education seats when you go to the polls on November 4th.  As the schools are the core determinant of property values, the quality of our schools is important to all home owners and not only to the parents of school-age children.  Berkeley Heights competes with other towns in the area for home buyers based on the quality of our schools.

We, as a town, should not be satisfied with good or even great schools; we should be working to make sure that our schools are the best that they can be.  To improve the schools, we need to create accountability at every level of the district, including guidance, teaching and administration. 

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Developing metrics to determine absolute and relative performance of guidance counselors, teachers, administrators and the individual schools taken as whole is key to the ability to track the effectiveness of the staff and the schools. 

Creating an environment that recognizes performance should put Berkeley Heights in a position to attract, hire, retain and reward the best personnel in every functional role. By identifying outperformance, we can distribute practices that are most effective throughout the schools and the district.  This will create an atmosphere that will help the staff to perform with excellence throughout their entire careers. 

The response that I have received in the weeks since I decided to pursue the seat has made me more excited about sitting on the Board.  I am looking forward to YOUR vote giving me the opportunity to pursue these priorities.

Bill Cassano