I am writing today regarding the upcoming BOE election.  I have been a resident of Berkeley Heights for more than 23 years and have 2 children that navigated through the school system, the youngest having graduated GL in 2017.  During my 21 years of involvement in our schools, I volunteered extensively within our district including the President and Vice President of the PTO’s at all the schools my children attended (except at MKM) as well as the BH school district President and Vice President.  I was either the President or Vice President of GL for about 6 years as well as the Quarter Madam of the GL Highlander Marching Band.  I currently work with many students who reside in BH.

While I believe my vote is private I am elated at the number of qualified candidates who are talking about very important issues such as communication with parents, diversity and inclusivity.  To the candidates that win I hope that once on the board you will take measures to move our district forward, not just on these issues but also on other critical areas that we are currently lagging compared to the top schools in the state. For instance, our high school and middle school should have stem labs, coding classes and robotics classes for ALL children. Every student at GL should have the opportunity to experience an internship or to complete a hands-on meaningful project (similar to an Eagle Scout project) before they graduate.  We should be looking to teach more classes with an interdisciplinary perspective. I believe that our district’s greatest asset is its staff.  Our teachers are outstanding and making them a significant part of the conversation about how to move forward is key if we want to transition from being a very good district to a great one.

Good luck to all of the candidates.