BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Remote-controlled drones. Rocket-powered mini carts. Cardboard boat brigades. You may ask yourself, “What on could these things possibly have in common?” 

The simple answer is that they are all activities you can find at a Boy Scout Meeting in Troop 368. The Scouts meet every Tuesday at 7:30 at Mountain Park School where they do things like rank advancement, learn Scouting skills, learn teamwork and–of course–get to do awesome things like fly a drone. 

The Boy Scouts of America has recently placed more of an emphasis on STEM-based activities, and Troop 368 has eagerly followed suit. 

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Earlier this year the troop got to demo a Chevy Volt, a futuristic vehicle that runs solely on electricity. Additionally, members on the robotics team have held a few meetings to showcase the machines they built from scratch.

In October, Scouts got to play extreme Hide and Seek in the Watchung Reservation using thermal imaging cameras.

The Union County Bomb Squad put on a presentation for the Scouts in November, showcasing their equipment, such as their bomb diffusing robot.

In April, the Troop had a Pinewood Derby race, albeit this time without any rules. Many scouts affixed rocket boosters to the tails of their carts, making the meeting a blast.

Most recently, the troop has been utilizing Archimedes’ Principle of Buoyancy to construct boats out of cardboard, pool noodles, and duct tape, which they will race against each other next week at the Berkeley Swim Club. 

The Scouts of Troop 368 always have something interesting going on! If you would like to learn more about scouting, visit the troop at the annual Rubber Ducky Festival on June 3rd at Passaic Field or visit!