Braunschweiger Jewelers regrets to announce the loss of one of its patriarchs, William Braunschweiger, Sr., who passed away on August 3, 2011 at the age of 82.

The Braunschweigers have been in the jewelry business since the 1930s.  Born and raised in Hillside, NJ, William Sr. played a central role in his family’s business since he was just a boy.  His passion, dedication and strong work ethic helped grow Braunschweiger Jewelers to become the successful, high quality stores that exist today.

In addition to being a visionary retailer and business leader, William Sr. was also a loving family man to his wife Betty; his children Linda, William Jr., and Kristy; as well as to his first wife Ruth, who passed in 1984.  He served as a Supply Sargent at Fort Hood in Texas with the 123rd Armed Maintenance Battalion and has been a member of the New Providence Lions Club since the 1960s. His legacy will live on through his children, grandchildren and the jewelry stores that have carried his name for over five generations.