Brownie Troop 42048 from Mountain Park School in Berkeley Heights earned their Restore The Shore patch by helping out down the shore.  

As part of the patch requirements, the girls painted and decorated bird houses and researched types of shore birds that may use their birdhouses.  They created and decorated informative tags to go along with the birdhouses,  which will be on display in the Island Beach State Park visitors center.  Guests of the visitor center may give a donation to purchase the birdhouses with all proceeds directly benefiting Friends of Island Beach State Park.  

On Saturday, March 30th, Island Beach State Park hosted a dune grass planting and beach debris removal day.  Members of the troop along with their families aided in restoring dune grass along a delicate portion of the beach.  They were part of a volunteer brigade over 200 people strong that planted upwards of 1500 new dune grass plantings and collected many, many bags of debris littering the beach.