There are many changes, including the budget and health care, happening in our state. Throughout all the debates and arguments concerning these issues the opinions of the students seem to have been overlooked.

Obviously, as students we do not want our school and town budget to be cut, though we do understand that New Jersey does is going through difficult economic times. These cuts, however, would leave our school with 100 percent less state funding and this could potentially take away many opportunities that our school offers. This budget cut will lead to the loss of sports teams, clubs, and other extracurricular activities offered to students.

We realize that some sacrifices have to be made to better our state. As students we do recognize that Governor Christie is doing his best and making an effort to fix the problem. We are grateful that he is at least attempting to find a solution to our state's money issues, but regret the loss of programs.

Tori Cassano and Shannon McNelis are students in Grade 10 at Governor Livingston High School