BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Burglars who shattered the front glass door and entered Country Farms store without setting off the alarm, walked away with cash and cartons of cigarettes.

The break-in happened about 12:30 a.m. Monday, Aug. 7, according to Sunny Shah, the owner of the convenience store at 378 Springfield Ave. They stole about $1,500 in cash Shah said, “and between 85 and 90 cartons of cigarettes. It cost me between nine and ten thousand dollars.”

The two burglars came in the front and left through the front, he said, and apparently no one saw. “Up to 5:30 nobody knew, then my newspaper guy dropped the newspaper delivery and he saw the broken glass and called the cops,” he said.  

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The alarm did not go off “because they came in through the door.” Monday morning, when his son arrived just before 6 o’clock, “there were cops there and they would not let him go inside,” because they had to take finger prints, so “We lost business, too.” The store finally opened about 7 a.m., he said. 

The store security camera caught the two burglars coming in, but they were wearing hoodies, so their faces could not be seen, said Shah, who showed the video to sympathetic customers. 

On Tuesday morning, there was still plywood on the door, but it was replaced before the end of the day.