NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - CarJive Car Buying Consultants takes away the pain of buying a new or used car and saves the buyers money and a lot of time. 

CarJive is the brain child of Arthur Hardisty, a Summit resident who worked as Sales Manager for the past 15 years in a variety of dealerships in New Jersey and the mid-west. "We assist our clients with all aspects of purchasing or leasing a car -- new or used," Hardisty said.

"I wanted to start (this business) six years ago and decided it's "now or never ... There are not a lot of companies doing what we do" and it's hard to find those who do, said Hardisty. 

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CarJive is a family owned business. They do the research to find the car the client wants and then CarJive negotiates the price and provides its services for both English and Spanish-speaking customers.

Statistics indicate between "80 and 85 percent of people who walk through a car dealership don't want to be there," said Hardisty. "We take that all away."

"Example of the consumer that falls into the category are a single woman who wants to go with a friend to the dealer or parents who need to find their child's first car but don't have time to look all weekend for a new car," Harditsy said. 

He further explained the need to help the Spanish sector. "We make sure they can deal with a Spanish sales person so they understand every aspect of buying their vehicle." 

As for how this works, a person who wants to buy or lease a new or used car contacts CarJive and places an order for the type of car they want. For instance, someone may want a compact car, with good gas mileage, various bells and whistles and a good safety rating. CarJive will research a variety of options, show the customer what fits their desires. When the customer decides on a specific car, he or she, must take the specific car they plan to buy for a test drive. If they are still satisfied, CarJive will set the appointment for financing and the customer will go in, sign the papers and the sales person will deliver them the car they test drove.

The fee for CarJive's services is $495 for any vehicle up to a MSRP of $35,000; $695 for anything over that price.  If the customer has a car to trade in, add in $295. CarJive has a "100% Money Back Guarantee."

"Even if you've been to a dealer and have negotiated a deal, come to me," said Hardisty, "I can beat your price. I'll renegotiate with the dealer and, whatever we save you, we split that 50/50 up to a maximum payment to us of $1,500. If I can't beat the price, they owe us nothing for the service," he said.

Hardisty will also make sure all the recall notices on a car have been taken care of before the car is turned over to his client.

Hardisty is certain of two things about his company, it "has to be built on honesty and trust" for this to work and "you're going to use us because why wouldn't you?"

CarJive is located at 1282 Springfield Ave., Second Floor in New Providence. Contact by calling 908-464-1716. Visit their website and "Like" their facebook page

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