Philadelphia-based actor and writer Seth Reichgott presented Jeffrey Benoit's one-man show, Chariot of the Sun, to sixth-graders at Columbia Middle School on Tuesday, June 6,  bringing the familiar tales of Greek mythology to life in his active and dynamic performance.

He opened the show by acting out the story of Phaeton’s wild chariot ride. Then he recruited several enthusiastic sixth-graders to help him perform other skits, including the story of Prometheus and the myth of Pandora’s box. The performance closed with a well-known tale taken from Homer’s Odyssey, of Odysseus’s encounter with the cyclops Polyphemous.

His humorous retelling of the myths entertained the students and his storytelling skills and showmanship inspired them to become great performers themselves. Mr. Reichgott encouraged the students to learn more about Greek mythology, whether it be by reading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series or going to the original sources in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad. Mr. Reichgott has been coming to Columbia Middle School for more than 12 years to perform in assemblies, all sponsored by the Columbia Middle School PTO. To learn more about Mr. Reichgott’s perfomances, please see his website: