In response to Mrs. Perna’s nonsensical article entitled “Bonacci Twists and Turns” I find it interesting that Mrs. Perna purports to be command of the facts, which must have been given to her by either then Mayor Cohen or Mr. Bruno, because she was not present during the “negotiations” meeting.  She was at the time I believe, at her home in Florida.  When she insisted on monitoring the proceedings via speaker phone, a member of the Council stated “if she can do that, then I guess none of us have to attend Executive Sessions, we can just call in and listen.”  After the telephone was hung up Mrs. Perna called Mr. Bruno on his cell phone.  He put her on speaker, but after several Council Members objected Mr. Bruno advised Mrs. Perna that he would have to hang up. That did not prevent her from calling back at least two or three times before she got the message.

As I stated in my Letter to the Editor which is still available on The Alternative Press, I entered into negotiations with Mayor David Cohen, not with any member of the Township Council.  It was Mayor Cohen who instructed the Township Administrator and Township Clerk to put the adjusted salary ordinance on the Agenda for a vote, not a Council member.  The award that I received from Mayor and Council corrected seven years of inequity.  I sacrificed for seven years with the insult of making one dollar more than then next highest paid Police Officer in the Department.  If Mayor Cohen and the Council he led during those seven years had acted reasonably and responsibly, there would be no issue to discuss, and nothing for Mrs. Perna to fictionalize about with two weeks before an election.