The following is a letter to Governor Chris Christie concerning issues that should be of concern to your readers.

Dear Governor Christie:

You were elected to serve the people by administering a government that reflects the will of the people.

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One of the most troubling areas of your administration from a civil rights and ethical standpoint is - the Office of Public Guardian, in conjunction with the New Jersey Probate system. This office is supposed to advocate for New Jersey residents that are developmentally disabled or people over age 60 who are ill or disabled but instead the Office the Guardian with the rubber stamp from New Jersey judges is being used to exploit the Ill, Disabled, and Elderly.

Please see the following three stories linking to three guardianship cases in the state of New Jersey that have been pleading with your office and the Judiciary to stop the abuse in the courts and in the New Jersey Office of the Public Guardians.

In each instance, a different county probate judge has rubber stamped illegal guardianships designed to deplete and transfer the assets from the wards to the predator-guardians (i.e., greedy lawyers, judges and an assorted array of social services workers-cleaning up on fees.).

These stories present a New Jersey judicial system that is in serious need for a managerial-"housecleaning". The wards in these cases are in the process of losing their life savings or have had substantial funds taken from them for legal fees and their rights have been completely decimated by greedy attorneys and judges who are racking up the legal fees at the wards expense. The Probate courts in New Jersey no longer are protecting the civil rights of the wards - they have become part of the tool-kits of the greedy -"professional" - guardian predators who financially exploit the ill, disabled, and elderly wards- and their family members - just to line their pockets with as much of the wards assets and they can. In 2 of these cases the wards were not even 60 years old and the NJ courts aided the predators in their systematic violation of their civil rights allowing the predators to pick away at the bony remains of the wards-estates- much like an African Vulture does after a lion kill.

Chris Christie you want to cut costs in social services for the ill, disabled and elderly, yet you are allowing people employed by the state of New Jersey to steal from the ill, disabled and elderly. If the wards rights were preserved (including the right not to live in complete poverty) then social services costs would go down for the State of New Jersey.

Chris Christie who is protecting the ill, disabled and elderly - it is not the Public Office of the Guardian, or the Courts of New Jersey, The New Jersey Probate Court system, as well as the Office of the Public Guardian and those who administer Disability Services for State of New Jersey are in serious need for a managerial-"overhaul".

What good is it if you can bring a 4.5% cap on property taxes if the judges and lawyers running your probate courts are allowing lawyers to literally extort money from the ill, disabled, and elderly wards that are not in a position to pay these excessive legal fees? As you have said many times -"no-one is above or, beyond the law."

I hope those are not just empty words from you, because there are some judges who are allowing clear-cut acts of perjury and extortion to go unpunished. It is not just the lawyers and judges who are guilty of breaking the law but also a wide array of social-service- quasi-professionals who stand ready to charge the ill, disabled, and elderly $250.00 an hour or more until they systematically transfer the ward's assets to themselves.

More of these guardian-predators are engaging in this most vicious form of discrimination -because no one is actually administering justice in the New Jersey probate court-system. These predators are destroying individuals and families lives without being prosecuted; as a result, they have become emboldened to take more of the ward's assets without concern for being prosecuted.

I would think that running a court system that is not corrupt and practices the law in a way that serves the best interests of the citizens of New Jersey would be a priority for you-based on your long and distinguished career in the legal profession. People's assets are being transferred - against their express wishes with the "blessing of the New Jersey probate court system - lives are being destroyed-now.

Your office is well aware that this is going on, why are you and your staff looking the other way?