For the last two years more students in America have submitted ACT scores than SAT scores for college admission. And, according to the New York Times, many more students than ever before are taking both tests, often more than once.  Much has been written about the differences between the tests, but at Chyten we know the only thing that matters is the student. The ACT is an excellent test for students who are strong in reading and interpreting graphs and charts, but whose vocabulary is weak. Yet, ultimately, the student should choose the test with which he or she is most comfortable. We invite students to take a full length SAT and ACT comparison tests before making their decision.

Since our ACT guidebook Mastering the ACT was first published in 2008, Chyten’s expertise and our students’ successes continue to grow.  Now we are pleased to announce the publication of the 4th edition of Mastering the ACT.  The revised book provides several much-anticipated supplements to the proven strategies of the original and is available only to Chyten clients.

Perhaps the most exciting addition is a new full-length practice test. Of course parents are aware that practice tests allow students to acclimate to the endurance required for test-taking and assesses the likely score a student may earn. Yet, test prep experts also know that very few practice tests are released by The ACT, and the samples created by professional test-writers are generally not as rigorous as authentic tests. Our tutors and students love our new sample test because it provides an opportunity for students to apply the strategies gained in one-one-on tutoring sessions and classes with the assurance of the same quality and accuracy as our other Chyten test-prep products.   

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Chyten resources, including Mastering the ACT, our proprietary methods, and personalized coaching from one of our team of professional tutors, are proven to help students succeed. Come in today for a consultation and hear what we can provide to support your family as you prepare together for the ACT.

An engaging teacher.  An inspired plan.  Daring to dream higher and bigger doesn't just happen. Dreams need a spark.  Chyten provides that spark with proven steps, systems, and strategies for success. But these factors only begin to describe the Chyten difference.  Chyten has made a difference in so many lives; now it is time for us to help your child reach and exceed your expectations.   Put the experienced Chyten Millburn tutors to work with your child.  Contact us at 973 564 5220 or