Are you attending a college fair this fall? They can be a great resource for your family to use as an initial jumping board into the college admission journey. They are not just for Juniors and Seniors, Sophomores and Freshmen will also benefit from attending a fair.  

The first College Fair of this academic year is on Sunday afternoon September 20 at the County College of Morris.

Having a successful college fair experience can ease some of the anxiety of the college admissions process. Consider the following questions – Which colleges do I want to see? What do I want to learn about these colleges that is not on their website? How can I make myself memorable? Do I have my ’90 Seconds’?  

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In our competitive college admissions climate there are many components that can help students get an advantage. Having their ’90 Seconds’ can be a great resource for your student to make a memorable impression on admissions counselors.  What is their ’90 Seconds’? It is their elevator pitch, their Snapchat Story about who they are and why a college/university should offer them admission.   

Academic Journeys offers a one hour private coaching course - “Do you have your ‘90 Seconds’?” Your student will learn how to craft a ’90 Seconds’ memorable moment that will resonate. From the importance of initial eye contact to the firm handshake close, we will work with your student to have the proper techniques down to create a “real” memorable moment with any admissions counselor, college alumni, representative or coach.    

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