“Should” is a dangerous word, one we toss around yet rarely accomplish. “Should” is always followed by your wish list.Your dreams. “I should lose those nasty 10 pounds I put on. I should clean my closet/garage/yard. Taxes should be lower. Roads should be better.”

“Should” sounds great, right?  It always does.  

The hard part is turning those “shoulds” into reality – making a plan and following through.  Whether it’s cutting calories and getting to the gym more often or cleaning out your garage, the devil is in the details.  You need a realistic plan.

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Without a plan, “should” is just a complaint.  It’s easy to sit back and point out what’s wrong, what “should” be better.  It’s the “how” that’s tough.

Complaining is easy. Governing is hard.

Lower taxes.  More local services. Great - I want both.  Taken together that means residents pay less and receive more.   The question is “how”.  When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

What’s missing? A plan. To accomplish any of those goals, you need a realistic plan. One that takes into consideration your realities (road repair is expensive, the weather breaks down roads every year), your obstacles (roads will continue to break down every year so this problem never goes away), your challenges (road repair is expensive, residents don’t want to pay more all the time).

It’s way easier to plan how to lose that weight - meal plans, preparation, exercises - then it is to lower taxes. And, to increase services while you lower taxes?

If you know how to do that, please speak up. Right now, all I hear is silence. Deafening silence.

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