We are extremely concerned about today's energy crisis, and think that this huge problem shouldn't be overlooked to become our problem tomorrow. There are alternative energy solutions available, yet as a country we are not doing enough. America is slowly changing into an energy efficient country, but the transition is too slow. It is crucial that we invest our time and resources into developing viable, cost-effective energy sources now so that later on we can replace fossil fuels with a permanent solution.

An area of research we should be further pursuing is geothermal energy (natural heat energy from the earth). It's one of the cleanest renewable resources and already gives energy to millions of people around the world. A comparatively small number of people utilize geothermal energy here in the United States.

Undoubtedly, there will be roadblocks in establishing geothermal energy as a permanent solution; that's why we need to make more of an effort to continue investigating and perfecting this form of alternative energy. The energy crisis ahead of us will continue to be a major problem for years to come unless we continue researching and implementing alternative forms of energy.