Dear Editor,

One step Congress can take to at least slow our escalating debt burden would be the pass HR 3778 – The Budget Before Borrowing Act. In August, some Republicans entered a deal with democrats and the President to raise the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion in three installments.

Now we hear some of those same Republicans crying out that the United States be “restored to fiscal responsibility so that future generations might succeed as generations have succeeded generation in and generation out” (Leonard Lance 1/18/2012 ). Nice words but they fail to admit to their constituents that by constantly agreeing to continuing budget resolutions and authorizing additional borrowing, they are threatening the American dream and the success of future generations.

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I do not think this is what the voters had in mind when they returned control of the House to Republicans. After all, what kind of fiscal conservative votes for the debt ceiling to be raised to fund ObamaCare?

Let me make something clear, the passage of the Budget Before Borrowing Act will not solve our debt problem. It will merely force Congress to set spending priorities. However, this is a small but necessary step to take until we elect strong willed men & women that will end the ongoing borrowing and spending and truly restore fiscal responsibility and the American dream.

David Larsen
Congressional Candidate
District 7, New Jersey