I love Berkeley Heights and have lived here for over 36 years.  I’m not happy about the direction we are headed, though.  Don’t even think about telling me to leave…I am not going anywhere, thank you very much. 

Over the past several years we all have witnessed our mayor and town council, the majority doing their business (as usual) with blatant disregard for our hard earned dollars and no sincere attempt at cost cutting in an effort to make OUR money go further.  As a parent of two boys who will be sent through our fine school system, just as my wife and I had been, we do care “for the children.” 

I urge you to take note of one John Bonacci.  Brilliant man aside, he is the only councilperson who has repeatedly provided in the past any real, tangible, fact-based possibilities to wisely use and save our tax dollars.  No matter how sensible, though, these ideas were always dismissed as nonsense and/or not right for Berkeley Heights by the majority of the town council.

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What IS right for Berkeley Heights?  A first step in who is right for our town is John Bonacci.   He has Berkeley Heights’ best interests in mind. 

Do your research!  Don’t just vote your party line; consider what THEY have accomplished for YOU.  Think about it. 

John’s website is www.bonacciformayor.com

Now, more than ever, the future of our town, and yes, our children depend your concentrated efforts to bring about change.