BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Councilman Tom Pirone, who was re-elected in November, was sworn in by Mayor Joe Bruno for another three-year term at the Jan. 7 Township Council Meeting. 

The meeting continued with Pirone motioning the approval of the Dec. 17 Public Meeting minutes, followed by the Township Council Reports. 

Township Attorney Joseph Sordillo responded to Councilman Ed Delia's concern of two-hour parking restrictions on Springfield Avenue, advising Delia that an ordinance would need to be in the books in order to get the signs in place. Delia addressed concerns with train people parking in these spots all day. With recent snow accumulations, these cars are interfering with snow removal and take up spots meant for businesses.

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Police Chief Mike Mathis added, "We agreed that the town planner will look at the parking issues around the entire town and address all issues at one time." 

Councilman Bob Woodruff addressed the "major eyesore" of the partially collapsed house on Plainfield Avenue south of the Mountain Avenue intersection. The property has been in severe disrepair since a fire. "Why is that in the condition it is in and why does it remain in that condition?" 

"We have to have an organized game plan of what we are going to do and how we are going to pursue with dealing with these properties," said Pirone. Administrator Linda Cavanaugh agreed to make it a priority to coordinate the efforts of how to handle such properties between the Board of Health, Police Department and Zoning Officer.

Cavanaugh advised the council that the results of the traffic study are currently being reviewed.  Woodruff expressed the importance of the ordinance due to the "constant clamouring" by residents. 

Mayor Bruno confirmed that the Township Clock has been ordered.  "I would be remiss not to thank the four clock face donors for their $5,000 sponsorships a piece: Deans Greens, Berkeley Shopping Center, The Connell Company and Summit Medical Group." Bruno also informed the room that there is still time to get your name on the clock for a $300 donation for your name to be inscribed on the clock in perpetuity. "The clock will be here and installed prior to the Memorial Day parade," added Bruno.  Rick Froio and Jim Delia will be donating their service for the installation of the clock.  "People will come off the train and see the four-sided clock. A great memorial to the town."

Woodruff initiated a conversation confirming that the appeal by Stop and Shop is regarding the parking spaces involved in the CVS construction project in the Berkeley Shopping Center. Woodruff added that this litigation is holding up the infrastructure of the traffic remake of Lone Pine Drive, Springfield Avenue and the entire area.  "Once this is settled, everything else will fall into place," Woodruff said.

Former Fire Chief Tony Padovano will be recognized for his quality years of service as chief at the Jan 21 council meeting.