This letter is in response to the writings of Timothy White dated May 1, 2013. 

I read with amusement his insistence that the Back the BAC Campaign is not responsible for the automated calls to Berkeley Heights residents regarding the upcoming election on May 7. You stated and I quote "We have always been careful to be courteous and non-intrusive to Berkeley Heights’ residents".

I cannot speak for other residents but I can confirm that this is a bunch of malarkey! My personal property was trespassed upon and my landscape littered when 2 Vote Yes signs mysteriously appeared on my lawn without my consent. Once it was determined that the signs were abandoned on my property, I amended the signs to read Note No, my election preference. Within a few hours the signs magically disappeared when I was out for half an hour.  Then I made a larger Vote No sign complete with  American flags. During the night someone again trespassed on my property and pulled out the sign and placed it face down on the ground. 

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It annoys me that someone doesn’t respect my voting preference but it infuriates me that someone would intentionally allow the American flags to hit the ground. Bullying is not needed but unpatriotism is unfathomable in light of the recent horrific events taking place around the country. 

Of course I put the sign back up and someone in a white 4 door sedan was kind enough to throw feces in a white Chinese take-out food bag in front of my house. Yeah, OK, I'm so glad that the back the BAC campaign is courteous to the residents of Emerson Lane and Berkeley Heights and would never do anything to trespass, litter, intrude on or harass us.

Now I can sleep at night.