CRANFORD, NJ - inThe Cranford Community Council is looking for new members with an interest in community service to volunteer their time to strengthen the community. Through their efforts with the United Way of Greater Union County, The Cranford Community Council has been an active member of the local community for well over 30 years, raisings funds for local organizations such as Cranford Family Care through the “Taste of Cranford” Event and “A Taste of Pairings.” Now they are looking to expand their initiatives and they need your help to do it!
New members would have the opportunity to:
-Plan and implement creative fundraisers in collaboration with the United Way and local businesses
-Volunteer locally and become connected with other advocates throughout the community
- Make an impact not only within Cranford but throughout United County as a whole!
Council Members meet up to five times a year and coordinate events all year round. New members would have the opportunity to bring new and engaging ideas to the table on how to support local initiatives. Interested candidates must reside in Cranford and should submit a letter of interest by Tuesday, March 24th to  Be the Change you want to see in your community! Give, Advocate and Volunteer with the Cranford Community Council!
About the Cranford Community Council
The Cranford Community Council, run by Cranford resident volunteers, is committed to helping people in Cranford through our certified agencies who provide essential human care services in our community. United Way’s Cranford Community Council supports dozens of local programs that measurably improve the lives of one out of every three of our Cranford neighbors. Programs supported by United Way’s certified partners support local: Children and youth, People with disabilities, seniors, Families in crisis, the hungry and homeless. Since Cranford residents help to fund the services provided by these partners, we should take advantage of their services when they are needed.
About United Way of Greater Union County 
The mission of United Way of Greater Union County is to ensure the health and human services needs of the community are identified and addressed in ways that create a better quality of life for the residents of Union County, North Plainfield and South Plainfield.  UWGUC is dedicated to family strengthening—ensuring that everyone in Greater Union County has the necessary opportunities, relationships and networks to support the success of their family.  Family strengthening is built on three pillars: education, income and health:
·         Education is the foundation of a good life, setting an individual on a path of personal fulfillment and economic security. 
·         Adequate income to pay for today’s necessities and save for the future provides a family with financial stability and independence. 
·         Good health improves a child’s opportunity to learn, increases an adult’s productivity at work and enhances quality of life for the elderly. 
UWGUC partners with non-profits and government agencies throughout the county to help deliver the human services our community needs.  For more information on United Way of Greater Union County, please visit