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Dear Hank,

It’s almost the end of the first month of school and I still can’t get to class on time! What should I do?

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Stressed Student

Dear Stressed Student,

I’m sorry to hear that! However, with a little work, you should be able to arrive to all your classes on time!

Something really important to remember is to walk with purpose. If you bump into friends, try to keep the conversation to a minimum. Save that conversation for lunch! Another tip to navigate the school is to travel in hallways that are less crowded. If your next class is on the ground floor, always try to go down the nearest staircase. The ground floor is almost always less crowded than the other floors; you can avoid traffic. If you want to go to the second floor, remember that the two staircases on either side of the first floor main hallway lead all the way upstairs or downstairs. And, of course, always walk on the right side of the hallway!

By now, you probably know where all of your classes are. If you are consistently arriving to class a few seconds late, you might just need to walk a little faster. However, if you are often several minutes late, there must be a different reason. Are you staying after class to talk to teachers? Or chatting with friends in the hallways? Or not traveling on the most efficient route to class? Whatever the case, remember that your priority should be getting from one class to another. We don’t mean to say that you should be packing up early; be sure to give your teacher your full attention for the entirety of class. However, your time between classes isn’t meant for relaxing or socializing.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll definitely be able to get to your classes on time. Remember to walk fast, with purpose, and try not to stop to talk. Be aware of where you are walking to and from. If you follow these suggestions, and walk with confidence, nothing should stand in your way!

Best of luck,


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