This notice is to update the residents on the status of our previously posted “Special Chipping Program” necessitated by the damage from the storm of October 29, 2011.

Unfortunately, in many locations branches have been placed, partially obstructing the roadway, after our crews have passed. Absolutely no brush will be collected once a section is completed. Going forward, we will not be returning to these areas, and homeowners will be subject to penalties and be directed to remove the debris at their own expense

Our DPW is making this chipping program our number 1 priority, devoting all of our available resources to this program.  Furthermore, on rainy days and when it is too dark to safely operate the chippers, our crews have been picking up leaves as part of our regularly scheduled Leaf Collection Program.  At this point we anticipate that the Leaf Collection Program will be completed by the originally scheduled date of December 16th.

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We are now approximately 3 weeks into our Special Chipping Program, which began on Monday, November 7th.   This Special Chipping Program was originally estimated to be completed by December 16th,  however due to some weather delays as well as the extreme volume of debris,  our schedule may be delayed. It is estimated that so far, we have picked up branches on about 30 percent of our roads however we are finding that in many cases additional branches are being placed in the roadway after our crews complete a section of road.  In order to keep the roads open and safe our crews had to return to several areas a second time.  That being said, it is sill our goal to complete the chipping program by the end of the year, and to that end we are soliciting outside contractors to assist our crews in the process.

As stated in the original notice for the Special Chipping Program, we will not be adhering to the traditional routes posted in previous schedules in order to allow our crews the flexibility to address critical areas first, such as areas near schools, hospitals, and public facilities, and to clear areas where branches are obstructing the roadways.  We ask for your continued patience and understanding while our DPW works to complete this Special Chipping Program as quickly as possible.

  • Crews will be making only one pass through the Town
  • Brush should be placed in neat piles at curbside with cut-ends towards the street.
  • The largest size branches shall be limited to four (4) inches in diameter.
  • Keep branches clear of fire hydrants
  • Do not obstruct roadways with branches
  • Short branches under two (2) feet in length will not be accepted.
  • Lumber, building materials, leaves, roots, stumps, briars, vines, decayed branches and other debris which can damage the chipper will not be accepted. Material of this nature will be left for your disposal.
  • Residents are advised to place at curbside only the wood items listed above. There have been instances where metal items such as posts, wire and metal bands were found mixed with the brush.  This can cause severe injury to employees and damage to equipment. Should metal be found, the pile will be rejected.
  • Residents will be responsible for the timely removal of all debris that does not meet the criteria specified above, or that is placed at the curb after our crews have picked up debris in front of their homes.
  • Keep branches clear of fire hydrants
  • Do not obstruct roadways with branches
  • Absolutely no brush will be collected once a section is completed.
  • If anyone observes someone placing branches out at the curb after our crews have passed, please contact the Engineering or Public Works Department.
  • Violators of the provisions of these regulations may be in violation of Township ordinances, and subject to penalties.

Residents must also be advised that if there is a significant snowfall that covers the piles of debris to be chipped, our crews will not be able to safely handle the material to be chipped, therefore, the program would have to be suspended. In order to allow room for our trucks to plow the snow from the roads, the branches must not obstruct the roadways. The Township is happy to provide this service however, as stated previously, it will hinder our normal activities.  For this reason, any material that can be disposed of privately would enable us to complete this Special Chipping Program and resume our normal activities sooner.  We thank you for your cooperation and patience during this difficult time.