Eighth grade students at Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School can choose two cycle classes to take.

One of the most popular classes is the “Digital Newsroom”, a 45-day cycle class that was recently redesigned as a result of a grant from the Summit Educational Foundation (SEF).

Mr. Larry Cohen, who teaches this class, explains, "The Digital Newsroom curriculum and course design provides a student-centered, 21st Century learning environment. Students develop and refine communication and production skills that remain with them throughout high school and hopefully beyond."

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Laura Baldacchino, an eighth grade student says, "Digital Newsroom is a really informative class where you have the opportunity to work in groups and be creative. I have learned about the journalistic process and how rewarding it is to have an article published and to know people are reading it. The entire class is really fun!"

As a result of this SEF grant, all eighth grade cycle classes became problem-based courses that reflected students' interests and incorporate hands-on activities.

The Digital Newsroom students are currently working to update and create a new orientation video for incoming sixth graders, welcoming them to LCJSMS.

We can’t wait to see it!