I endorse Goutam Jois for Congress

Is white nationalism an acceptable belief or political position?  Of course not.  Is our U.S. congressman, Leonard Lance, a white nationalist?  Of course not.  But has Leonard Lance done enough to stand up to this dark undercurrent in our country?  Frankly, no.  

One cannot claim to reject white nationalism while at the same time, stand there hosting fundraisers at Trump Bedminster Golf Club as our Rep. Lance did on February 17.

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This is disqualifying behavior. 

I have only heard one candidate forcefully and unequivocally express this view and that is Summit's Goutam Jois.   There are other great candidates in this race with long Washington resumes, but I do not think that is what is needed in 2018.  What is needed is a strong voice and a clear voice.  

I ask anyone who plans to vote in the Democratic Primary on June 5th to go to YouTube and search "Jois for Congress" and "Disqualifying." Or click here.  

Martin Coakley
Cranford, NJ