Residents of Berkeley Heights,

We get it, we see it day in and day out on the national news, daily and local TV stations and broadcasts. The election barrage, it’s non stop and in your face. So what happens when it turns to your hometown and you see the spin and false accusation besieging a friend who has done nothing but pour his heart and soul into making Berkeley Heights a great place to live, I’m talking about Craig Pastore. Yes, it comes with the territory, but let’s take a stroll down memory lane for a minute. New residents will not remember the time 6 years ago when our Town Council was in disarray, when transparency and accessibility were not the norm. When “Bickering Heights” phrase was coined for good reason and we actually lived in “Bickering Heights”. When some Town Council Members would conveniently miss meetings and  look to gain personally from their position on the Council and so much more.

Go ahead think back to this time, it’s not to long ago, brings chills to my spine and I’m not talking about Halloween. It was 6 years ago when Craig Pastore and Kevin Hall decided to run for Town Council and for all of our sake, help Berkeley Heights loose the Bickering Heights name and return to a governance of respect  and transparency for all. After 6 years of service Kevin Hall is stepping down, Kevin we all Thank You for your time served and the maximum effort you put forth on Township issues and concerns.

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As many of you know, Craig is running for re-election with Michael D’Aquila. So what motivates Craig to run for re-election and commit another 3 years advancing Berkeley Heights, making tough decisions and putting the town’s best interests forward? Bottom line, he loves this town and it’s people! He’s a volunteer in the truest sense of the word, tried and trusted for over twenty years and someone WE, THE TOWNSHIP OF BERKELEY HEIGHTS can depend on. Whether it’s leading the charge against stopping the BAC, standing up to special interest groups, being a member of the BH Veteran’s Memorial Committee, getting a town capital plan in place for infrastructure or completing and putting a fiscal budget in place with other Town Council Members for the past 6 years. Are you really worried about broadcasting town meetings, really?

Don’t get caught up in the spin and smear tactics that is so common in politics today on every level and now in Berkeley Heights. On Tuesday November 3rd when you step into the polls you are going to pull that lever for the people that give Berkeley Heights the best chance moving forward.Pastore and D’Aquila give us that chance.

Join me in voting on Tuesday Nov. 3rd for Craig Pastore and Michael D'Aquila


Ed Gallitelli, Jr.