Did you know that in New Jersey, every 8 minutes an older adult (60 years or older) is seen in the emergency room for a fall? And, falls are the leading cause of death from unintentional injuries.   It’s a good thing that falls are preventable!

As part of Fall Prevention Awareness Week, which will be celebrated September 17-24, SAGE Eldercare will hold a fall prevention workshop on Thursday, September 20 from 9:30 to 11:30 am.  The public is invited to come to this free program at 290 Broad Street in Summit and learn how to modify their home and lifestyle so that falls can be reduced.  There will be several types of screenings for nutrition, blood pressure, balance assessments and medication reviews.  In addition, there will be a comprehensive display of home assistive and safety devices, as well as a Tai Chi demonstration. 

We hope that area residents will join us for the fall prevention workshop.  Although falls may be harmful to older adults, they are preventable,” stated Julie Reich, Director of Special Programs at SAGE.  “SAGE started a Fall Prevention Initiative in 2005, which is currently funded by Overlook Medical Center Community Health Department and PNC Foundation.  As part of the initiative, we have held programs in the community on fall prevention, as well as offer services, such as Home Repair, so that older adults are protected in their homes and falls can be minimized.”

SAGE Eldercare is a member of the Fall Prevention Workgroup which is coordinated by the NJ Department of Health, Division of Aging Services.  This year there will be eight events around the state highlighting Fall Prevention Awareness Week and SAGE will be hosting the event in Union County.  For more information and educational resources online, such as a NJ falls fact sheet, home safety checklist, and more, visit www.aging.nj.gov/fallsfree.