BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - While there may be legions of weekend warriors who can handle a host of do-it-yourself projects, installing a garage door is not typically one of them.

Installing garage doors is as much a science as it is a skill as there are a lot of important details involved. For example, each type of garage door is a little different, so this isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

That's where Door Boy in Berkeley Heights comes in.

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"We're able to give customers a product and level of service that they are not able to receive at a big box retailer," said Bob McManus, owner of Door Boy.

McManus would know. This year, Door Boy celebrates 40 years in business. But Door Boy is not simply a mom and pop that installs garage doors - Door Boy is a family business that focuses on providing its customers with the latest and greatest technology and service. For example, Door Boy made efforts to change the industry in the '70s by being the first to offer remote door openers, gave seminars on servicing and became a leading member of the Eastern Door Association. McManus and Door Boy staff wound up teaching others, such as contractors, how to correctly install garage doors.

Door Boy offers a complete line of doors in different panel types, materials and pulley systems. For example, the predominant style of doors years ago was the spring tension system. With this system, a large spring runs from the front of the door on a pulley to a hook on metal bracketing about nine feet deep into the garage space.

"If a door develops trouble, however, the springs can weaken or snap," McManus said. "These springs only last 3-5 years before needing replacement."

Today, consumers can choose torsion control garage door systems, where the drive mechanism that operates the door is atop the door itself -- a seemingly safer application.

"It almost goes without saying that the reason some come to Door Boy is because of existing problems with their garage doors," McManus said. "Perhaps they were not installed away from the framing properly, the old framing pulls away from the wall, or even the garage floor can be an issue."

To remedy those issues, McManus says garage doors should be checked and serviced annually, especially if they are used as the front door and receive a lot of wear and tear. Door Boy offers servicing not only on all doors it installs, but can be called out to a residence for repairs on any make or model.

"And when customers call, we do our best to diagnose over the phone so that we may not need to come out," McManus said, noting that his technical staff can diagnose nearly any garage door ailment - and that includes garage door openers, which could also be the source of an issue that manifests in the doors.

Regardless of which door type a customer chooses - aluminum, wood or custom, Door Boy's services can keep doors in great shape for many years.

McManus, who is the current president of the Rotary Club of Berkeley Heights and has been active in the Berkeley Heights community for many years, said in the near future he will erect a new facility at the same location complete with a showroom and other customer-focused amenities.

Until then, the man whose life's expertise is installing garage doors will continue serving the community with outstanding service.