June is Garage Door Safety Month and Door Boy, LLC, located in Berkeley Heights, wants to make sure every home/garage is safe. Door Boy, LLC realizes that although the Garage Door is the largest moving object in a home, it is usually the last thing homeowners think about until it breaks.

Garage Door Systems are made to operate safely and reliably. Every garage door system, whether it works with an opener or by hand, must be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function properly.

Door Boy, LLC wants to make sure all homeowners know how to properly check their garage door “safety check” to keep everyone in their home safe at all times.

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Safety Check is a visual inspection homeowners can do by looking at the springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and other door hardware for signs of wear. Test the reversing mechanism monthly.  If an object obstructs the door as it is closing, the door should reverse or if the safety beam is broken/crossed, the door should automatically reverse back open.

As recommended by the National Safety Council, homeowners should test the door balance monthly.  This is a way to determine if the springs on the garage door are working properly. With the door in the closed position and the opener disconnected (if you have one), lift the door. The door should lift smoothly and with little resistance and should remain open on its own. If any of these tests show wear or your garage door is not functioning properly you should have the system checked out by Door Boy, LLC.

Door Boy, LLC is a licensed, certified and insured garage door company with almost 40 years of experience.

Call Door Boy, LLC today for your FREE no obligation inspection or estimate. Door Boy, LLC has knowledgeable office staff to answer any questions you may have.  Schedule an appointment or Door Boy, LLC can help you purchase products over the counter.

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