Dr. Stephen G. Szaro, Chiropractic Physician from the practice of DeFabio Chiropractic Associates, enlightened the Rotary Club of Berkeley Heights on Wednesday, January 21 on the subject of core fitness and strength. Szaro, who has been in practice with DeFabio since June, 2009, noted a vocation towards medicine discovered as a teen, routed and rerouted from traditional medicine to pharmacy and ultimately to chiropracty. He spoke with Rotary about his passion for encouraging people to "keep moving," to ensure proper hydration and nutrition and stated that "98% of us at some point will have back pain because core muscles get weak." This happens, he explained, for various reasons: poor posture, lack of exercise, weight issues.

Szaro explained that core strength refers to the five major muscle groups and added that when core muscles are weak, the common denominator is back pain. Offering that most insurance providers don't allow for long-term chiropractic care, Szaro plans a home-friendly regimen geared for clients that can readily be followed once office visits have been exhausted. Rotary was privy to a plethora of examples of these, many yoga-like, such as "downward dog" and "dying bug."

Szaro can be reached at www.DeFabioChiropractic.com and at 908-771-0220.