BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - When your primary physician is not available, another option is eMedical Urgent Care in Berkeley Heights. Patients are choosing eMedical for their urgent care needs in their newly renovated office.

"Emergency room waits can be long, we are here. When primary doctors are on vacation, we are here. When doctors are in overload, we are here," said Dr. Jane Sennett, Medical Director at eMedical Urgent Care. 

"Patients should be tied to their primary care physicians, however, more people are using eMedical Urgent Care because patients are in and out quickly," Dr. Sennett told TAP into Berkeley Heights in a recent interview. "Our goal is to see the patient within 30 minutes -- and we are far ahead of that." 

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"I find that many patients don't have a primary care doctor. -- Unless you are sick, many patients are not seeing anyone," Sennett said. "There is a whole group of people that don't have a primary doctor -- we are here."

The day after Christmas, during flu season, the office saw 71 patients. "ERs were overloaded and the patients couldn't get into their primaries," said Sennett. 

When primary physicians can't fit in a patient, they often refer their patients to eMedical. "We always get the information back to the doctors to guarantee a continuation of care," said Sennett.

"We don't provide primary care -- so if the patient has a physician, they should see them first," Sennett said. Urgent care doctors also do not provide routine care to monitor chronic problems. 

Wellness visits and sports physicals are not considered urgent care, however, more and more patients are walking into eMedical because there is no wait.

eMedical sees mostly cold, sore throat and flu patients -- but we see a lot of lacerations and orthopedic injuries as well, said Sennett. "We do send patients to ER if necessary."

"We stitch, open abscesses, splint and provide X-rays. --- If you see the bone, please go directly to the ER," added Sennett.

"What is great about here -- I can spend time with the patient and talk about what is going on," she said. 

Sennett directs patients with shortness of breath, chest pain, belly pain, major migraine or massive head injury straight to the ER. "We want to get you in and out. If you think you will need a Cat Scan, don't come here -- you need to go straight to the emergency room, not even your primary," said Sennett. "That's where they need to be."

The doctors at eMedical are trained ER doctors and are used to seeing the worst of the worst. "We have triage and ER experience. We can tell the patient they need to go to the ER," said Sennett. "If it's too extensive or we feel you are better off going to ER, we will send you to ER."

Dr. Sennett recently saw a patient that fell and broke a bone on her face. "I could do the film and I stitched her lacerations," said Sennett. "We were able to treat a lot, however, she needed to go to ER for the Cat Scan. -- We helped to expedite her trip because we did so much. They did the Cat Scan and she was fine." -- "We called for the emergency room -- it can help." 

eMedical reaches out to work with companies -- 

eMedical will go to companies and give out flu shots for employees. "We are trying to reach out. We are here and we want to help," said Sennett. "We also could work with companies with occupational medicine to get employees back to work quickly." 

eMedical works with many insurance companies --

eMedical participates in many managed care plans, however,  because plans vary greatly in levels of benefits and participation, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with your plan. They will make every effort to help you understand your benefits, but ultimately it is your responsibility to stay within the guidelines of your plan.

The patient will need to pay the co-payment at time of service. eMedical does not take Medicaid, however, they can negotiate an eCard if you don't have insurance.

eMedical Urgent Care is located at 369 Springfield Ave. in Berkeley Heights is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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About Dr. Jane Sennett: Dr. Sennett joined eMedical in October 2014 as the Medical Director of the Berkeley Heights and Middletown locations. She is also an attending physician at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Rahway and Overlook Medical Center Emergency Services – Union Campus. Dr. Sennett also serves as an instructor for medical students at Rutgers at Rahway and Overlook Medical Center for their internal medicine residents.

Physicians at eMedical: Dr. Robert Chang, Dr. Mario Cosenza, Dr. Vincent Eletto, Dr. Michael Hernandez, Dr. Steven Kim, Dr. Niraj Patel, Dr. Jane Sennett, Dr. David Stuhlmiller

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