Any politician can make an empty promise – something that sounds great, but they have no plan for how to accomplish.  In 5th grade, my son ran for Class President against a boy who promised “a trip to Hershey Park” and “ice cream parties.”  That other child got elected.  Did they go to Hershey Park?  Nope.  Any ice cream parties – zero. 

Honest governing happens in the real world – it requires making difficult decisions, asking the tough questions and coming up with real plans that manage realistic resources… that’s the hard part. 

“I will lower your taxes”… “I will fix the roads”… Sounds too good to be true, because it is.  Ask the tough, critical question.  “What’s your plan?”  Ask for details because without a plan, it’s an empty promise.  Hershey Park anyone?

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In my opinion, there are politicians here in Berkeley Heights making empty promises – promises they can’t keep because they have no real plan - so they won't deliver. Say, “No Thanks.”

My vote goes to the Column A Republicans – Mayor Woodruff, Councilman D’Aquila and Michelle Greco.  Hard workers who know the reality of governing… rolling up your sleeves, making difficult decisions and working hard to continue the progress we are making in Berkeley Heights while dealing with increasing county taxes and managing state mandated housing.

Real honest leaders for the real world we live in.  Don’t fall for the empty promises.