I made the decision to run for Mayor at the urging of many friends and after much personal reflection. The next four years will present us with many challenges and opportunities and it will take strong leadership and independent thinking to tackle these challenges and take advantage of the many opportunities that will arise. I truly believe I am up to the task!

In the five years I have served on the Berkeley Heights Council, I have demonstrated my commitment to the residents of Berkeley Heights. While we may not have agreed on every issue, you have always known my stand on those issues and the reasons for my position. I have done my research on every issue and voted in what I believed to be the best interests of the residents of Berkeley Heights. I have never pandered to any special interest group or individuals. I have voted Yes or No and have never hidden behind the gimmick of voting Present or Abstain as my colleague and opponent has. All questions posed to me regarding my vote were always politely and respectfully answered by me.

You trusted me with you votes and I always treated this privilege with the utmost respect. I believe honesty is a characteristic that anyone serving the public needs to have as a fundamental trait and expect that in all of the candidates going forward. I will not hesitate to set the record straight when I find my opponent not being forthright.

In the weeks ahead, I will communicate to you what I stand for, what I have accomplished during my tenure on the Berkeley Heights Council, my qualifications, my expectations, and my views on Berkeley Heights going forward. In the meantime, if you have any questions or any comments you would like to share with me, you may email me at jbruno@bhtwp.com