UNION COUNTY, NJ -- The morning's wakeup temperature was 8°F with a wind chill factor making it feel like -5°, according to Weather.com. Today's high temperature will be a balmy 21°F with a 5° "real feel." Use caution if you need to be outside for an extended period, and please remember to check on elderly neighbors frequently to make sure they have heat and basic necessities.

The Fanwood Police Department has designated The Chelsea Senior Living Center (295 South Ave.) as a Warming Station for those in need of heat. Anyone needing transportation to the Warming Station should please call the Fanwood Police at (908) 322-5000, and they will make arrangements. When visiting a relief station, bring any medications and/or specialty items that you may need. 
It is also important not leave your pets outside for an extended length of time. Just like humans, they can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. Cold temperatures can cause your body to lose heat faster than it can be produced, which can result in hypothermia. Frostbite is an injury to the body caused by freezing. It causes a loss of feeling and color in parts of the body. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is also a risk during extreme cold temperatures. Never use generators, grills, camp stoves, or similar divices inside your home, basement, or garage. For more information about cold weather dangers, visit the CDC's Extreme Cold resource page.
NJ TRANSIT says that riders may experience intermittent system wide cancellations and delays, due to weather related issues. Please check NJ Transit website for current updates. NJT Rail, Bus and Light Rail (including private carriers) are cross-honoring passes/tickets due to extreme weather conditions. Local main roads remain in good shape. However, side streets may be slick. Watch for school children and crossing guards.
Union County is in an extended four-day period of freezing temperatures, with dips occurring as low as 4 degrees. A Code Blue Alert  has been put into effect. If you happen to witness anyone unattended to or sleeping outdoors, please contact your local police department.