BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - A gym virgin no more, Cathy Balsamo is down over 80 pounds and has made health conscious decisions to change her lifestyle and make nutrition and exercise a priority. However, to know her is to know she wouldn't survive a day without an "F-Bomb" or two.

What is an F-Bomb you ask?

Fat Bombs are high fat, low carb, low sugar snacks that are good for you. They can help you shut down cravings and lose weight, said Dr. Oz during his show that featured Balsamo and her favorite F-Bomb recipe.

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F-Bombs are easy and quick to make. In between meals, you grab an F-Bomb to help your cravings. 

Balsamo has become obsessed with F-Bombs because she is a huge sweet fan. Just a year ago, she had said that carbs and sugar were her everything... Well, times have changed -- and now she's focused on healthy eating choices with a little help from the F-Bomb to fend off any cravings.

"I am a huge sweet fan," said Balsamo. "Instead of grabbing the Musketeer, the Snickers or 10, or 12 Oreos -- I grab one of these Fat Bombs and I love it."

Eat before working out and you will have more energy, and you are not suffering because they are tasty, said Dr. Oz. Balsamo's favorite F-Bomb recipe combines almond butter, crushed almonds, banana and semi sweet chocolate chips.

The most important thing, in order for them to work their magic, you need to have them as part of a low carbohydrate diet, said nutritionist Dr. Kellyann Petrucci on the Dr. Oz show. "You can't eat too many."

Balsamo's new lifestyle had a kick-start when she entered to be part of a Gabriele Fitness and Performance Six Week Transformation Challenge. Adult fitness clients enter GFP motivated and ready to achieve various goals – from weight loss, lifestyle change, to looking for a fitness program that works. 

Since Balsamo's start to her journey over 15 months ago, she has inspired hundreds of people to step it up to make healthier decisions through her many relatable Facebook videos. She has even authored a book, Annihilate The Fear: Transform Your Life: Cathy Balsamo, available through Amazon, with several of her favorite recipes. 

The former Queen of Carbs will tell you to get educated in nutrition. "Learn about different foods," Balsamo said. "For me, it was all about figuring out how and what to eat. Healthy foods don't have to taste like s#%t!"

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