Zuccotti Park, New York City. "Stop tax breaks to large corporations!" Summit resident and FairTax Volunteer Regional Director, Jim Bennett, called out to passing Wall Street Protesters in Zuccotti Park, New York City on October 22, 2011. Another catch phrase was "No tax loopholes for big business!" Both are proper claims of the FairTax and can be made with integrity.

The message was received by the Wall Street Protesters with enthusiasm. The flyer that was passed out was adapted to the occasion. The success of the pitch was reflected by the distribution, over the course of three hours, of all 1,000 flyers. This is a higher number than FairTax normally achieves for all-day street fairs. Several commented that they already had the flyer and were in complete agreement.

The FairTax is a 23% tax on consumption that would completely eliminate the IRS. The poor and middle class - and everyone else - would receive a monthly "pre-bate" check to cover them for taxes on food, clothing and other necessities. Under this system, there would be no spoils to big businesses who can afford high-priced lawyers, accountants and lobbyists. For more information, go to the www.fairtax.org website. Sign up if you like what you see.