Fat-Burning Myth

Myth: You start burning fat 30 minutes into your workout.

Truth:  The body utilizes both fat and carbohydrates 24 hours a day.

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At rest, our metabolism utilizes approximately 50% fat/50% carbohydrates (CHO) for Energy production.  If you are a cardiovascular fit individual, then you will see a slight increase in fat utilization at rest : 60% fat/40% carbohydrate.

Your body stores fat in two places — in adipose tissue, a conglomeration of fat cells, and in muscle fibers as intramuscular triglycerides. During exercise, your body metabolizes both fats (triglycerides) and carbohydrates (glucose) and glycogen, the stored form of glucose. Carbohydrate stores are more readily metabolized because they are easily mobilized and yield quick energy. As you progress from low to moderate intensity exercise, however, the rate at which your body burns or oxidizes total fat increases.

These fat stores must be metabolized into FFA (free fatty acids) and transported to the muscle mitochondria for oxidation during exercise.

As exercise intensity climbs, moving into high intensity activity , metabolism will begin to shift from predominately FA utilization to CHO utilization.  (see chart)

If you are participating in predominately high intensity exercise, you will be utilizing more carbohydrates than fats during your workout.  However, I always say; a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie.  If you are eating healthy and working out regularly, your metabolism needs to maintain a certain Energy balance.  That means, at rest, your metabolism will be utilizing fats (more than carbohydrates) to produce Energy.  This, in effect, will produce less fat storage in the body; leading to fat-weight loss.

Conclusion:  The best type of workout for you is the one that you enjoy and will stay consistent with.  As we get older, high intensity training is much more difficult to recover from.  In addition, high-intensity has the possibility of increased injury rate.  Visit us at Body Restoration and we can help you with your fitness and wellness options that best suit you.

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Oxidation: interaction between O2 and other substances

Mitochondria: Powerhouse Cell, where ATP is made

ATP: the Energy Molecule (Adenosine Triphosphate)