Gov. Livingston’s boys and girls fencing teams both defeated Bernards High School this week. 

Lady Highlanders won 16-11, clinching in Round 3 at 14-9.  Sabres led the way, 7-2, with Chrissy Drobish and Gabriela Onelli winning all three of their bouts.  Foils were 6-3, with Amanda Sy, Madison Fong, and Gia Lasalle all winning two of their three bouts.  Epees were 3-6.  For the season, girls are 10-6.

Boys won 16-11 also, clinching in Round 3 at 14-9 as well.  Sabres went 6-3, with Ian McLean and Nicholas Kwan both winning two of their three bouts. Epees went 6-3, with Louis Cantor winning both his bouts.  Foils went 4-5; Tyler Man won two of his three bouts.  Boys are 8-6 for the season.