The Gov. Livingston girls team earned another win, extending their winning streak to 6-0 for the season when they beat Kent Place on Tuesday, January 10 with final score of 16-11. 

The Sabre squad won six bouts out of 9.  Chrissy Drobish had 3-0 in Sabre, Gia Lasalle had 3-0 in Foil and Liliana Walsh and Alice Lee had 3-0 in Epee. 

 The boys put up a strong fight with Ian McLean and Nick Kwan both winning 2-1 in Sabre.  Tyler Man led the Foil squad winning 3-0.  Louis Cantor won 2-1 in Epee.  The final score was 14-13 with Oratory on top.   

Next, the boys and the girls face Montclair Kimberley Academy on Friday, January 13.