After years in the fitness industry, I have been around some very strong people.

I have seen men bend steel bars with their bare hands, finish the Ironman triathlon, and dead lift 800 pounds - but there is one man at GFP that puts all of them to shame.

He puts them to shame with the courage and toughness he shows in his battle with pancreatic cancer.

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My friend and long time GFP client Carl D’Emilio has been fighting this disease for several months.

Carl gave me his blessing to write this article because his battle has taught him so many lessons he wants to share with others.

As painful as this battle is, he is still putting others first and looking for every opportunity to help us improve.

He wanted to share how we can withstand so much more pain than we actually realize.

I see Carl regularly for Lunch, along with a few other jokers (Tom and Jeanine), at something we call the Carl D Lunch Box.

We meet to spend more time with Carl, but really we just talk about sports, life and once in a while we talk about the fight.

After a long talk with Carl the other day, I asked him what he has learned during his battle with Cancer.

The big rock he kept coming back to was “Live every day and fight every day”.

Life has put a huge obstacle in front of him and this is his mantra.

He's not going to let chemo knock him down and affect the time with his family.

He’s going to fight back.

He's going into it with the mindset that he will “Kick Cancer’s Ass”.

That is one thing he is definitely doing.

He has stood face to face with this disease and is giving every ounce of fight he has.

He is fighting.

He wants people to know that you can endure so much more than you think you can.

He wants you to take your biggest problem you have today and



Get help too, because you can’t do it alone.

Carl has an army of family, friends and doctors standing with him.

Whatever fight you are in stand in front of it,


None of us are facing the same battle as Carl.

He doesn’t wish this on anyone.


He does want you to take what it has taught him.

He wants you to apply it to your life.

Carl does not want sympathy, he wants action.

He wants people to get better from his fight.

He wants people to change through the strength he has demonstrated.

He wants you to FIGHT THROUGH IT …and WIN.

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