To the Editor,

Are you tired of roads filled with potholes? Do you want bulk pickup service back? And do you want Township Council members who stood with us when we rejected the Berkeley Aquatic Center’s proposed facility? If you said “Yes” to all of the above, then I ask you to join me in voting for STEPHEN YELLIN for Council on November 5th.

Stephen’s an active, dedicated part of our community; as a lifelong resident, a regular attendee of Council meetings, and a volunteer for 2 Township committees, he understands what’s needed to make our town better off. He also understands that we – taxpayers and residents – deserve to have our elected officials come to US to ask for our opinion, not the other way around.  Stephen will work with his colleagues to keep our taxes as low as possible.  He will create dialogue on the Township Council so a variety of discussions will take place, he will work tirelessly to improve our downtown appearance, fix our roads and restore bulk/spring pickup.

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Stephen’s work as part of Stop the BAC – including serving as Chair of the campaign committee organized to have us vote “No” in the referendum held last May – has earned him the support of residents across our town, be they Democrats, Republicans or Independents. They know that partisan politics doesn’t matter for local office – it’s about doing the right thing by us.

Compare Stephen’s record to his opponent, Councilman Ed Delia. Mr. Delia was the only Councilman to vote FOR the BAC’s misguided proposal– twice when it came before the Council, and again in urging us to vote “YES” on the referendum in a letter. If Mr. Delia had his way, a private swim club the length of a football stadium would be under construction, right next to a 25 miles/hour, and residential section of town.  If this weren’t enough, Mr. Delia’s voted against every single tax settlement the Town’s had no choice but to agree to. If he’d had his way, the Town would have wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on frivolous lawsuits, to say nothing of the bigger payouts the Town would have had to make when we lost.

The choice is clear – on November 5th, I’m voting for responsible, thoughtful leadership that will work hard for a better Berkeley Heights. I’m voting for STEPHEN YELLIN – will you join me?

Denis Smalley
Berkeley Heights, NJ