Rapid technology change and short cell phone plan cycles result in millions of retired cell phones each year. This electronic waste has become a global problem; the environmentally responsible solution is recycling. In honor of Earth Day (April 22), all public schools in Berkeley Heights and Mountainside participated in a week-long cell phone recycling drive. Outdated, unwanted, and broken cell phones were collected and donated to Governor Livingston High School Project Graduation for their Cell Phone Recycling Fundraiser. To date, this Fundraiser has recycled over 400 cell phones.

It’s not too late for you to celebrate Earth Day by donating your unwanted, outdated or broken cell phones to the GLHS Project Graduation Cell Phone Recycling Fundraiser. Please donate cell phones and their batteries only; no chargers or other accessories can be accepted. Collection bins are located at the Berkeley Heights Public Library, the Mountainside Public Library and at the Wireless Zone stores in New Providence (1300 Springfield Ave) and Gillette (977 Valley Rd). Your cell phone donation to this Recycling Fundraiser doesn’t cost you anything, yet it helps Project Graduation raise money and helps the environment by giving dated technology new life, keeping old phones from polluting our landfills and allowing for reuse of mined and engineered materials. 

Anyone interested in more information regarding the Cell Phone Recycling Fundraiser or Project Graduation can contact the Project Graduation Committee at GLProjectGraduation@gmail.com.