Society has found a new way to get oil, fracking mountaintops. In fracking mountain tops the oil companies are polluting people’s drinking water.

Throughout history society has had one goal in mind, where is the best and easiest way to get oil that we need. Oil companies started with getting oil from overseas and now there has been the thought of what happens if the oversea companies stop giving us the oil we need. We know there is oil in Alaska but it has not been a place that we rely on for oil. Mountain top fracking has become a new strategy to get oil. In fracking, they inject fluid into the rocks and the mountaintops to draw out the oil from inside. But in doing so there is a chance of polluting the drinking water. This is an issue that is becoming more prominent and more ignored in society. This needs more attention since there seems to be only one focus, which is getting oil. Society is also uneducated on what this is and how it can be harmful to us. If you ask someone what their opinion is on fracking they will probably ask you what it is. They do not realize that this is harmful to the environment as well as to people’s health.

The Tennessee Gas pipeline is putting in a pipeline currently by my house in Vernon, NJ. By putting in this pipe they needed to cut down a few thousand trees to be able to do the necessary work. The trees need to be replanted but those removed are hundreds of years old.  The woods that were once there are going to take hundreds of years to be replenished. They eliminated habitats of many animals, they could have been killed or they are now in search of new homes. This is a major environmental impact since they eliminated an old growth forest. We benefit from trees. They remove carbon dioxide from our air and there is significantly less trees now since they are putting in a major pipeline. My hometown is not the only area that is being affected. They asked for permission to run part of a pipe through someone’s acreage instead of going around and through a state park. The owner of the property said no, but since the government and the law is backing these companies all he can do is try to have a lawsuit that he will probably lose. They are concerned about stimulating the economy not helping save the environment.  

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There are health concerns that come along with fracking. One of these concerns is due to the process of drawing oil is creating radioactive water. The water is not being tested prior to being consumed, meaning that people are drinking radioactive water and getting sick from it. One of the other health risks that stem from this process is lung cancer. In this process there is an increase in Radon and smog. The trucks that are brought in are polluting the air. Also there is a problem with figuring out how to treat the people that are diagnosed with some of these diseases, since these conditions are radiation related and caused by increase toxic chemical exposure. The companies do not seem to be taking these health concerns seriously since they are continuing to put in more of these pipelines. After an area gets affected the gas companies have no choice but to supply them with water. Fracturing rock in order to get oil is a latent problem that needs to be addressed. There are environmental concerns as well as health risks. We need to stop mountain top fracking it is harming the environment and the drinking water. There are other ways to heat a home such as radiant heating or solar powered systems. More people need to try these methods. 



Carolynn Abrams
Highland Lakes NJ
Rider University
Elementary Education / Environmental Science Major