BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ—Discussions with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on setbacks for fuel tanks and questions about stormwater runoff on the Russo Place property of Anco Environmental Services, Inc. probably will precede the formal application process by Anco before the Berkeley Heights Board of Adjustment.

Anco is a company involved in oil tank removal and installation and a cleanup contractor. The Russo Place property also is used for vehicle and equipment repair and storage. The fuel oil that is removed is retained in a tanker truck on the property and then sold, according to information supplied to the zoning board by Anco.

Additionally, a company related to Anco cleans and services oil burners.

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The property owner was cited for “use of and without receiving all required permits of approval,” and a zoning permit was not issued for the current use.

Anco is requesting approval to continue operating its business, which is not an approved use, and is seeking variances from zoning ordinance sections having to due with prohibitions, permitted principal and accessory uses and “nuisance factors.”

Also, according to the zoning board agenda, accessory structures such as the fuel tanks on the property, do not comply with “the required setbacks and/or permitted accessory uses” in the LI-Zone in which the property is located.

At the zoning board’s ccnference session on Thursday, Anco attorney August Santore Jr. said his client had met with DEP representatives about two weeks ago and Anco’s owners contend that a ditch located on the property is manmade, while the state agency contends the ditch is natural.

These questions apparently relate to stormwater running off from the property.

Santore also said that the setback requirements for the tanks were discussed with the DEP.

Within the next 30 days, the attorney said, information is expected to be submitted to the DEP and, after that information is submitted, the 90-day period for the DEP review will begin.

Zoning board chairman Raymond Sullivan asked Santore to notify the board of any progress in the DEP discussions prior to the September 22 scheduled appearance of Anco before the board of adjustment.